Biocidal product

A biocidal product (BP) is a chemical substance or a mixture, a micro-organism, a fungus or a virus intended to be chemically or biologically contaminated, discouraged, rendered harmless or otherwise prevent the harmful organism from functioning.

These are, for example, disinfectants, preservatives for products and materials, wood preservatives, rodenticides (agents for controlling mice and rats ...).
Biocidal products are classified into 22 species listed in BPR

Selling a biocidal product without proper authorization is not permitted.

We advise you to obtain the necessary documentation, submit a duly prepared application to the Chemicals Bureau and conduct a procedure to register the product in the Register of Biocidal Products.
We also produce a label that is an integral part of the application. The application must include more information, including the label, performance test, safety data sheets, etc.

In the case of variations in classification and labeling, the holder of the authorization must ensure that the biocide label is updated immediately if the new hazard is greater or if an additional marking is required. Changes must be reported to the Chemicals Bureau.

Important time limits:
- 1 June 2017: all biocides are marked in accordance with CLP (any stocks that will be labeled after DLP will have to be overwhelmed);
- 1 March 2018: all AVK rodenticides are labeled in accordance with 9th ATP (Regulation (EC) No 1179/2016).

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