Safety advice on the storage and transport of dangerous goods in accordance with the provisions of the European Agreement ADR.

The Law on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (ZPNB) prescribes the obligations of all participants involved in the traffic in dangerous goods.

Any company whose activity involves the transport of dangerous goods by road or rail or by transport-related packing, loading, loading or unloading of dangerous goods, must have a security adviser.

Security Advisor tasks:

- Monitoring compliance of the handling of dangerous goods in the company with the regulations governing the transport of dangerous goods,
- Internal training of other employees in the company and keeping records of such training,
- The implementation of appropriate measures and procedures in the event of an accident or event which could jeopardize transport safety,
- The implementation of appropriate measures to prevent accidents or serious infringements of regulations,
- Preparing the annual report.
- Preparation of a safety plan

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